Weinstein Properties

Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we are extremely proud that almost one-third of them have been with us for five years or more! Here, we celebrate these dedicated team members who contribute significantly to our success.

30 - 34 Years

Gary Banks30 Years
Karen Ellis30 Years

25 - 29 Years

Fred Dabney28 Years
Larry Gillison27 Years
Jeannie Acton25 Years
Shelly Gorman25 Years

20 - 24 Years

Mike Rowe23 Years
JD Douglas20 Years

15 - 19 Years

Brooke Doersch17 Years
Chuck Howard17 Years
Sasheen Romain17 Years
Aileen Saez17 Years
Susan Thomas17 Years
Shelby Doyle16 Years
Kris Gibbs16 Years
Lori Hotem16 Years
Mary Brooks15 Years
Ashley Ellis15 Years
Sara Farthing15 Years
Diana Hudson15 Years
Lee Horton15 Years
Matt Shaia15 Years
Chip Smith15 Years
Kenny Woodson15 Years

10 - 14 Years

Kristine Bannar14 Years
Norman Gillison14 Years
Rodney Melton14 Years
Lynn Ramsey14 Years
Casi Smith14 Years
Wendy Thornton14 Years
Nick Troxel14 Years
Aimee Boyle13 Years
Beth Coleman13 Years
Angela Hazelwood13 Years
Bob Peak13 Years
Maria Carrizales12 Years
Meghan Corder12 Years
Barry Ewers12 Years
Kenric Gayle12 Years
Eddie Lane12 Years
Larry Little12 Years
James Nickels12 Years
Lillian Rodriguez12 Years
Maria Bacon-Haddix12 Years
Teresa Glass11 Years
Wayne Jones11 Years
Melissa Skunca11 Years
Kiyah Thompson11 Years
Bob Winkler11 Years
Bill Sousa10 Years
Mike Bryant10 Years
Anne Hudson10 Years
Melissa Kipphut10 Years
Jack Sidari10 Years

5 - 9 Years

JW Givens9 Years
Shannon Green9 Years
Brian Hatcher9 Years
Jennifer Koziol9 Years
Rick Lyons9 Years
John McGuire9 Years
Jeremy Morgan9 Years
Marybeth Pendleton9 Years
Kristen Ryon9 Years
AnnaLyn Stevenson9 Years
Matt Stow9 Years
Pierre Thomas9 Years
Pam York9 Years
April Ballard8 Years
Shanika Boston8 Years
Chanco Chandler8 Years
Jason Culotta8 Years
Anthony Clough8 Years
Wayne Griffin8 Years
Sarah Jones8 Years
Scott Kent8 Years
Jorge Perez8 Years
Erik Roth8 Years
Doug Taylor8 Years
David Tucker8 Years
Steve Vorlop8 Years
Tori Falzone7 Years
Adam Freed7 Years
Derik Green7 Years
Adam Hiller7 Years
Teyah Hill7 Years
Mandy Kalpaxis7 Years
Berkley King7 Years
Chuck Lipes7 Years
Keith Messer7 Years
Ed Pearson7 Years
Frank Robey7 Years
Mike Scott7 Years
Roland Smith7 Years
Jennifer Vaughan7 Years
Anita Bailey6 Years
Louis Brothers6 Years
Christine Denton6 Years
George Duvlaris6 Years
Jannie Jenkins6 Years
Colleen Lancto6 Years
James Pietropinto6 Years
Hayward Roberts6 Years
Kim Roberts6 Years
Don Sharp6 Years
Katelyn Stern6 Years
Tracey Thomas6 Years
Marv Vang6 Years
Jonathan Burke5 Years
Antwoine Coleman5 Years
John Duke5 Years
Darrell Dyer5 Years
Lucy Huneycutt5 Years
Daniel Jenkins5 Years
Rhonda Marini5 Years
Anna Mull5 Years
Paul Owen5 Years
Jay Smith5 Years
Chris Taylor5 Years
Jeremi Walker5 Years